Shrade HVAC Solutions

HVAC Solutions

What Can Shrade do for your improved HVAC Machine control?

  • Improve machine performance and energy efficiency

  • Reduce time to market

  • Simplify monitoring and maintenance

  • Develop your business


HVAC systems are at the very heart of comfort and energy performance in buildings and industry. Your challenge as a builder of HVAC equipment is to find innovative ways to build more and more energy-efficient and cost-effective machines.

….and we help you

to meet them!

Shrade helps you design more energy efficient and cost-effective machines with performance maximized.

Our experienced engineers help you to get a Tested, Validated and Documented Architectures with dedicated HVAC Application.

Design green HVAC machines

Shrade is on the leading edge of energy efficiency in HVAC solutions. From variable speed drives to power monitoring and dedicated application function blocks, we provide smart strategies to improve the energy efficiency of your machines.

Enable maintenance through powerful Smart phone applications

This feature makes the monitoring and control easier. All the devices now can be accessed and controlled through smart phone applications from anywhere in the world.


February 22, 2017